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Twice a Year: four Alfred Stieglitz 'heliotypes'

Twice a Year: four Alfred Stieglitz 'heliotypes'

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Twice A Year, a semi-annual journal sponsored by Stieglitz's An American Place Gallery.


First edition of the first volume of Norman's short-lived journal, Twice A Year.

While not identified as collotypes in the first edition, the second edition has a laid-in slip which mentions the use of half-tone process to replace the "heliotypes" of the 1st edition. The term heliotype, though somewhat ambiguous, is often used to denote a collotype, and the process has been verified by the photo-conservation lab of a leading US museum. Also, the printer, Max Jaffe, is listed in several locations in the 1st edition, including the cover. Jaffe (see below), working out of Vienna, was a leading collotype printer of his day (although better known for his lithographic-collotype work in fine-press books). 


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