A Collecting Opportunity

Simply put photogravure is as confusing as it is beautiful. While some of the most celebrated photographers in the history of the medium chose photogravure as the final expression of their work, today photogravure remains under-recognized by many collectors, gallerists, and even some curators.

Photogravure's history is so complex that it is daunting. The process itself is formidable and varies from practitioner to practitioner. The nomenclature that surrounds it is equally overwhelming. It has never been standardized and everything from a hand made one-of-a-kind masterpiece to a mediocre machine made postcard have all been labeled ‘photogravure.’  It is no wonder the market is confused.

As the layers of the young history of photography are peeled back, the relevance of photogravure is emerging. So much so that The National Gallery of Art recently mounted a small exhibit devoted exclusively to the art of photogravure, the first of its kind. Hand-inked Talbot-Klic photogravures, like those offered on this site, are gaining validity as original vintage prints and may one day find parity with the more expensive vintage works in other more established photographic processes.

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  • What's the Story?

    Take a look at the 'why' and decide for yourself if you think photogravure will emerge as one of the most coveted and important processes in the history of photography.

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    Browse the catalog of works offered for sale on this site. There is something for everyone.

  • How is a Photogravure made?

    What is a photogravure? Here you will see the steps in the process along with a short video of Jon Goodman making and printing a plate.

The Journey

I am not a dealer. I am a photographer and collector who is captivated and inspired by the beauty and history of the photogravure process. My journey over the past twenty years has taken me to some of the greatest photography collections in the world with the singular focus of seeing and learning as much as I can. The culmination of my efforts can be seen on photogravure.com. Your purchases will help support my continued effort to further recognize and celebrate this important and under appreciated process.

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