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On the Beach by Richard Misrach

On the Beach by Richard Misrach

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Richard Misrach, one of today's contemporary masters, is renowned for his carefully considered, beautifully rendered epic works. On the Beach, a lavishly produced, oversized monograph, is the long-awaited publication of this spectacular series. Misrach hones in on our delicate relationship to the sea, using a gorgeous, slowly shifting color palette gleaned from changes in depth and tide; abstract patterns of waves and rippling water, and beaches both empty and cluttered. He carefully balances the minutiae of human gesture against the massive scale of the sea. In some images, a lone figure floats in a liquid field of brilliant turquoise—or in others, lies beached and partially buried. The details in the images are frequently ambiguous—are the figures relaxed or drained of life? Cavorting in the surf or panicking in the riptide? The balance is a fragile one between control and surrender to the elements. As Misrach says, the work is "suffused with a sense of the sublime, but it also begins to expose our vulnerability and fragility as human beings." - See more at:


Signed, Limetd Edition of 30 copies with a signed and numbered print. This hardcover book is wrapped in an acetate dust jacket. The print comes in a Mylar folder laid in the clamshell along with the book. The print is a digital chromogenic print, which is signed and numbered by the Artist. The paper is 16 x 20 inches, and the image is 15 x 19 inches. The print is presented in Mylar folder along with a MINT copy of "Richard Misrach: On The Beach", and enclosed in a large clamshell box. Beautifully designed by Fabio Cutro and Dana Faconti. Edited by Leslie A. Martin and produced by Sue Mendicott. The book has 80 pages with 38 four-color illustrations and measures 16 x 20 inches.

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