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James Craig Annan, On a Dutch Shore 1904

James Craig Annan, On a Dutch Shore 1904

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James Craig Annan

On a Dutch Shore, 1904

Camera Work VIII

Photogravure, 15 x 23 cm

The plate for this print was prepared for Stieglitz by James Craig Annan. The print was made by Annan's firm, T. & R. Annan & Sons in Scotland.

Taken at the very beginning of his career, Annan’s On a Dutch Shore is of an auction, though this is not apparent from the evidence in the print.  As a composition the crowd forms a dark shape balanced against the shape of the two boats, which are now turned seawards, into the wind.  The group at the auction is engaged in an urgent and intense activity on which their livelihood depends.  It is an eloquent photograph about a tiny group of people fighting to survive in a vast world of sea and sand and wind.  Such a highly charged atmosphere, always quietly stated, pervades the very best of Annan’s work. [1]

On a Dutch Shore has immense riches. The pinken have discharged their catches. The group on the shore are engaged in its auction. This print shows the culmination of one of the cycles in the lives of these people played out with the wind, the sky and the sea. Not only that, it, too, offers a beautiful, sparse, abstract composition; the tight, dark rectangle of the crowd balanced against the triangles of the two idle boats. [2]


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